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How Does Spinal Decompression Works?
Spinal decompression gently lengthens and decompresses
the spine, creating negative pressure within your discs.
When pressure is reversed, an intradiscal vacuum is
created. This vacuum takes the pressure off of pinched
nerves, helps to reposition bulging discs and pulls extruded
disc material back into place.
What Are The Other Benefits
It has been shown that during spinal decompression
nutrients, oxygen and fluids are drawn into the disc to create
a revitalized environment conducive to healing.

There's also evidence that this form of decompression
stimulates the body's repair mechanism, providing the
building blocks needed to mend injured and degenerated
What Causes Low Back Pain?
Low back pain can be caused by a number of factors from
injuries to the effects of aging. The spinal cord is protected
by the vertebrae, which are made of bone. Between each
vertebra are soft discs with a ligamentous outer layer. These
discs function as shock absorbers to protect the vertebra
and the spinal cord. Many of the problems that cause back
pain are the result of herniation and degeneration of the
intervertebral disc. Degeneration is a process where wear
and tear causes deterioration of the disc. Herniations, or
bulging of the disc are protrusions from the disc that press
on surrounding nerves, causing pain or numbness.
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